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MEN'S BIBLE STUDY - 7:30 AM - Chapel







Current Topic -

Topical Lessons In Spiritual Living    


Service Schedule -

9:30 AM - Worship

*On Summer Schedule*

Latest Sermon Recording -

Busyness  -  David Merriott  -  7/23/2017


Live Stream -  

Click on the "Play" button below to listen to the service live stream on Sundays, starting at 9:30 AM.

Who We Are -

We are a group of Christians that meet together regularly to learn of God, to worship Him, to pray to Him, and to fellowship with each other. We are being changed to be more like Christ. We do not require people to become like us, rather it is our desire to help them become more like Him.

We are convinced that truth is absolute and that some doctrines are absolutely essential. However, we recognize that on some areas of Biblical interpretation, godly people will differ. Our unity is based on our relationships in Christ, not on uniformity of belief. We are people of oriented, not program oriented. This is because "the Church" is a group of Christians, not a building not a ministry. The Church is to meet the spiritual needs of its members. That is our focus and we are willing to consider anything that will help us do that better.

Weekly Events -




Friday Night Jam - 6:30 PM - Chapel Sanctuary


Men's Bible Study - 7:30 AM - Chapel


Worship Service 9:30 AM (SUMMER SCHEDULE)

High School Youth Group - 11:30 AM

Upcoming Events -  

Day Camp - July 3-7 - Eagle Fern Camp

Intermediate Camp - July 9-14 - Eagle Fern Camp

Girls Camp - July 16-22 - Eagle Fern Camp

High School Camp - July 23-29 - Eagle Fern Camp

Jr High Girls Camp - July 30 - Aug 5 - Eagle Fern Camp

Jr High Boys Camp - Aug 6-12 - Eagle Fern Camp

Boys Camp - Aug 13-19 - Eagle Fern Camp


AWANA Garage Sale - Thursday, August 3rd, through Saturday, August 5th

The garage sale will be held on Thursday August 3rd through Saturday August 5th. The donation room is open downstairs. Please hold off on LARGE items until the week of the sale to help save space.  Drop off days are Monday & Tuesday July 31st & August 1st from 10am until 7pm, and Wednesday the 2nd from 10am till 4pm. Please contact Bethany to schedule a drop off for other than those days.


BBQ/POTLUCK SUNDAY - Sunday, August 13th

Hamburgers, chicken patties, and hot dogs will be provided. Please bring a side dish and a dessert.


OCBC Family Movie Night - Saturday, August 19th, 6:30 PM

The High School Youth Group is hosting the OCBC Family Movie Night.  They will be popping up plenty of popcorn so come and enjoy the movie!  Doors open at 6 PM.