AWANA Club -

AWANA is a club for boys and girls, three years old through grade six. It is organized with the purpose of reaching boys and girls for Christ. Our program runs from September to May on Thursday evenings. Next September, we will be starting our 20th year of AWANA at OCBC. We look forward to teaching your children about our Lord and helping them to learn about the Bible, missions, and reaching others for Christ. 

Your child will bring home an entrance booklet from their club if they are new or have moved up from another club. This is the first plateau of achievement at which every new clubber starts. Please read through this booklet to familiarize yourself with the AWANA program. The booklet briefly explains the program and the award system. As part of the AWANA program, children are expected to do memory work every week at home. When they have passed the entrance booklet, they will have earned the right to wear the AWANA uniform and purchase their First Handbook which they will use all year. Each clubber earns awards to display on their uniform as they pass their book. 

If you have questions, call the church at 503-655-3009 and we will have an AWANA leader contact you. 

For more information about AWANA clubs, please visit their official website by clicking on the link below.